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GVH Projects works with a number of leading professionals supplying a range of packaging solutions.
My work with Gerry Holden and David Windley started four years ago, when PacTec, a US based company, was entering the nuclear packaging market in the UK and we needed some guidance and approvals of our IP1 and IP2 flexible packaging. This was a challenging task, due to the fact that the IP1 and IP2 packaging we were introducing was a flexible polymer bag instead of the traditional metal containers used in the packaging and transport of low level radioactive waste (LLW).
Gerry Holden and David Windley are both experienced, professional, and diligent in making sure that our packaging was compliant with all of the regulatory requirements, while consulting with us to ensure our understanding of the requirements. Through their experience and mutual collaboration, we were successful in gaining approval of our product in the UK nuclear packaging market, and helping to divert LLW from the Low Level Waste Repository.
We continue to work with Gerry and David on our new innovative packaging designs in support of the decommissioning operations across the NDA estate. Gerry and David are widely recognized and respected as the “authority” on packaging approval within the UK nuclear industry. They provide professional support and guidance together with experience and articulate regulatory compliant documentation, for the design and approval of packaging for radioactive material.

Mike Sanchez
VP Global Sales
PacTec, Inc.
Design and manufacture of a Transport module for a 32 tonne AGR Gas Circulator.
“ABNC are a company that specialised in Nuclear Waste Management and Nuclear Decommissioning.  We have utilised the expertise of GVH extensively when considering the transport of radioactive items and radioactive waste.  They have extensive expertise and the design and assessment of radioactive transport packages and have carried out works for ABNC in the UK, Lithuania and Germany, as well as providing support for representation of the Ignalina Power Plant evidence to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.  Their work is timely, professional and represents best value”.
Hugh Abbott
“We have used the expertise of both Gerry Holden and Dave Windley over the past two years to enable us to remain compliant with the current Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulations. Our (ageing!) fleet of Type A 3400 cases have been audited, tested for compliance against their current specification (and passed where appropriate) by Gerry; and the ones that failed have been ably repaired by Dave.
Rather than simply say that the packages were beyond repair and charge us for brand new ones,  Gerry suggested how Dave could resurrect them  - which he did within a short period of time, and at our workplace. This meant we could put them back into service quickly and has saved us a considerable amount of replacement/capital expenditure which was unlikely to have been met quickly given today’s financial climate”. 

Paul Maltby CSci MIPEM MRPharmS, Radiopharmacy Department, Royal Liverpool University Hospital
Prescot Street

Document - IP-2 Transport packaging for a AGR gas circulator
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